Wedding Fashions 2016

We look back at the year for the wedding fashions 2016 and how the wedding fashion scene had developed throughout the year. Check out our ranking of popular wedding dress and ballgowns styles in the UK and USA.

For the spring of 2016, numerous bridal designers pulled out all the stops to provide new styles from classics, moderns to romantics that brides of today will just love.

Many of the new bridal wedding dress designs focuses on creating multiple layers to the dresses and adding dimensions to the gowns. Modern takes such as the much loved floral lace applique made to quite literally bloom and pop in a three dimensional configuration – far more noticeable than lying flat. Overskirts have also come around again this year as a play on silhouettes which creates the illusion of a variety of shapes.

Wedding Fashions 2016 Buzz Word

The buzz word of the year seems to be sensual wedding dresses. We see that many of the designers used this word to explain or to credit their collection. It was fairly apparent that they were certainly sensual with the thigh height Angelina Jolie-esque slits, swooping low necklines and key holes at bust level. At the other end of the spectrum, we see many designers now catering for the larger brides with an ever increasing variety of plus size wedding dresses to choose from.

Many designers levitated towards subtle details to create that extra feeling of movement and a general fluid feeling. Feathers definitely appeared to be a common theme on many of the gowns of 2016, whether it was as a waist embellishment, underneath a peplum or at the hemline. Swirling wave patterns were also common additions. Tiered skirts as mentioned came back into fashion in 2016 in a huge way with multiple layers of tulle, organza and silk to create a grand finale for several of the designers’ wedding collections.

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